"In order to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the unincorporated area of Granger Township, Medina County, Ohio, and to insure orderly growth and development in said Township, the Board of Trustees has found it necessary and advisable to adopt a comprehensive plan of zoning…"
- Granger Twp. Zoning Resolution Nov. 1977

Bill Meyerhoff is Granger Township Zoning Inspector. He studied philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and architecture at New School of Architecture and Design. He is married to Dr. Leah Shriver, a neuro-immunologist, who teaches at University of Akron. They have two sons, Ian and Eiger. You may e-mail Bill at zoning@grangertwp.org.

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Trustees appoint township residents to fill positions on the two zoning boards. Both boards are made up of 5 members, each serving 5 year terms, arranged so that the term of one member will expire each year.

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